Lumen et Umbra (ルーメンエットウンブラ) 2010 S/S SEASON


Lumen et Umbra ルーメンエットウンブラ

Lumen et Umbra (ルーメンエットウンブラ)


Issei Fujita

Issei Fujita lives and works in Italy since 1999 when he started collaboration with Carpe Diem. His research was more about materials manufacture and visual communication of the brand.
In March 2006 it’s the presentation in Paris of Issei Fujita first collection under the brand name “Lumen et Umbra”. Five T-shirt treated with a special technique that allows to print light on the clothes. It’s the first collection of a designer-photographer focused on light and his shadings. Issei Fujita has always been fascinated by the traditional simplicity of Japan where he get inspiration while living a western reality.
He likes to create a link between past and present wildlife and big cities tradition and modernity. That’s why fabrics collection are connected to human’s history as often used in ancient times and by the pastoral tradition. He also does special research on materials always using innovative treatments and experimental fabrics. For instance his knitwear has made with paper yarn or carbon and metal mixed with wool or cashmere silk and cotton.
In short the pur pose of designer is focusing on lost aspect of human being on his true nature never forget his roots always looking forward…


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